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What are the advantages of using Bartley Burns over other consultants?

We are one of the few consultancies in Brisbane to have both Town Planners and Building Certifiers under the one roof. It is a distinct advantage, especially at design stage, as many developments require both Planning & Building Approval. Our team work together and does not have to refer our clients externally to get advice on the other discipline. This internal communication streamlines the process and the benefits are passed on to our clients through savings in time and money.

Bartley Burns has extensive experience in the construction industry. Our certifiers and planners are passionate about what they do and really are motivated to ensure our clients get the best possible result in their development needs.

We believe our Customer Service is second to none and try to personalise the process, rather than treating a job as a number. Our accreditation in an international standard for quality – again shows how important we hold our client’s satisfaction.


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