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Town Planning

Town Planning

A distinct point of difference that Bartley Burns has over our competitors is our in-house Town Planners. In 2002 our company incorporated a Town Planning consultancy which fits perfectly with the Building Certification services offered. This has enabled Bartley Burns to be involved in many projects from concept right through to completion – facilitating a development project to be run seamlessly from start to finish with expert advice on hand at every stage.

Risk Smart

Bartley Burns Town Planning was one of a select group involved in Brisbane City Council’s initial RiskSMART Pilot program and has been involved since the early conception of the program. Being accredited under Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART program, Bartley Burns have the ability to assist builders and developers with quick Development Approval (DA) timeframes.

The centrepiece of the RiskSMART Program is the collaboration between Council and the private sector to achieve good development outcomes with approvals being issued in days as opposed to months.  RiskSMART has resulted in a streamlined and efficient process whereby the duplication of assessment by a consultant and a Council Officer is removed.  RiskSMART enables Accredited Consultants to build upon their initial assessment by going further to prepare draft conditions and provide a recommendation directly to Council’s delegate.  Council then review the recommendation and where satisfactory issue the approval.  It is a result of this process that there is significant time and cost savings for the development sector.

Whilst not all projects are eligible for RiskSMART, there have been significant time savings with projects which would ordinarily take up to 5 months in assessment being approved by Council in an average of just 5 business days.

Please see the FAQ for more detailed information on the Town Planning process.

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